Sale Agreements

In 2002, the sale agreements pertaining to Highway 407 ETR were made accessible to the public. To make it easier for individuals wanting to read the contract or obtain a copy, we have posted all public agreements below. Should you have any questions related to this contract, please call our Communications and Government Relations department at 905-264-5232.

To make it easier for online viewing, the entire contract has also been separated into two main parts: (1) The Share Purchase Agreement (plus Schedules) and (2) The Concession Ground Lease Agreement (plus Schedules). Together, the entire contract is comprised of over 600 pages. Law enforcement and personal information has been excluded based on the order by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view files on this page.

Schedules to the Share Purchase Agreement:

Schedule 1.1(ar)  (56KB) Description of Highway 407 Central
Schedule 1.1(bi)  (118KB) Pro Forma Balance Sheet
Schedule 1.1(bt)  (286KB) Restriction on Transfer Agreement
Schedule 4.1(ab)  (157KB) Insurance
Schedule 4.1(ad)  (189KB) Material Contracts
Schedule 4.1(ae)  (152KB) Litigation
Schedule 4.1(af)  (1351KB) Terms of Employment
Schedule 4.1(i)  (24KB) Consents
Schedule 4.1(o)(i)  (52KB) Historical Traffic Data
Schedule 4.1(o)(ii)  (45KB) Historical Revenue Data
Schedule 4.1(w)  (18KB) Lease of Real Property
Schedule 6.1.3  (12KB) Form of Concessions Agreement and Amendment thereto respecting the Highway 407 East Completion
Schedule 6.1.4  (406KB) Legal Opinion of Counsel to Vendor
Schedule 6.3.4  (1030KB) Legal Opinion of Counsel to Purchaser and Equity Participants
Schedule 8.5  (348KB) Rules of Procedure for Arbitration

Schedules to the Concession Ground Lease Agreement:

Schedule 1 (1390KB)   Affected Highway Protocol
Schedule 2  (77KB)   Affected Landowner Protocol
Schedule 3  (773KB)   Corridor Management Protocol
Schedule 4  (77KB)   Delivery Plan
Schedule 5  (265KB)   Description of Highway 407 Central
Schedule 6  (1369KB)   Description of Highway 407 East Partial
Schedule 7  (1126KB)   Description of Highway 407 Lands
Schedule 8  (2515KB)   Highway 407 Lands Availability Schedule
Schedule 9  (1231KB)   Description of Highway 407 West
Schedule 10  (314KB)   Known Archaeological/Historical Finds
Schedule 11  (684KB)   Known Hazardous Substances
Schedule 12  (27KB)   Management Plan
Schedule 13  (387KB)   Terms of MTO Enforcement Services Agreement
Schedule 13 (2009 Amendment)  (361KB)   Terms of MTO Enforcement Services Agreement Amendment
Schedule 14  (2112KB)   Permits
Schedule 15  (2051KB)   Police Services Agreement
Schedule 16  (456KB)   Description of Province Completed Facilities
Schedule 17  (1333KB)   Reference Documents
Schedule 18  (1603KB)   Requester Agreement
Schedule 19  (1032KB)   Restrictions on Transfer Agreement
Schedule 20  (1374KB)   Safety and Standard Protocol
Schedule 21  (77KB)   Description of Toll System
Schedule 22  (1619KB)   Tolling, Congestion Relief and Expansion Agreement
Schedule 23  (391KB)   Toll Collection/Enforcement Procedures
Schedule 24  (96KB)   Documents on Completion