Anonymous Account

Most people who use 407 ETR register with the company to obtain a transponder or are billed based on the name and address associated with their licence plate. However, there is a way for a customer to use the highway anonymously, without getting bills or statements mailed to them.

An "Anonymous Account" allows a customer to travel 407 ETR and pay for their charges without having to reveal who they are. In fact, no personal identification whatsoever is required to establish an anonymous account.

To open an anonymous account, you must "prepay" 407 ETR charges by establishing a cash account, maintaining a positive balance in the account and using a valid transponder. Once the anonymous account has been set up, a transponder will record your trips and payment for 407 ETR charges will be automatically withdrawn by 407 ETR from your account. Deposits into an anonymous account can be made in person at any financial institution or at 407 ETR. It is up to the customer to keep replenishing the account balance to ensure sufficient funds are available to pay for the charges.

Please note that anonymous accounts are only available to light vehicles, except motorcycles and vehicles equipped with a metallized windshield.

How to Register

To open an anonymous account, you must visit 407 ETR's Customer Service Centre in person.

A Customer Service Representative will work with you to set up the account, although you do not need to provide your name. (Please be aware that the Customer Service Centre is equipped with video surveillance for security reasons only.)

To set up an anonymous account, an initial payment for the following is required:

Lost Anonymity Situations

Please note that your anonymity may be relinquished under the following conditions: