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Flat Toll charges are on my bill, what's that for and why did I get them?

A heavy Vehicle Minimum Trip Toll Charge ("Flat Toll") applies to each class of heavy vehicles with a transponder where there is insufficient transponder trip history, and is charged based on time of day and distance, up to the following amounts:

Heavy Single Unit (HSU)

Peak: $19.85

Off Peak: $12.80

Heavy Multiple Unit (HMU)

Peak: $36.95

Off Peak: $23.85

The Heavy Vehicle Minimum Trip Toll Charge approximates the actual tolls a heavy vehicle would be subject to for travelling 407 ETR when the transponder is only read on entry or exit. The actual toll charge will be calculated based on the per km rate from the entry point to the end of the highway or from the exit point to the beginning of the highway, up to a maximum distance representing the average trip length for the class of vehicle (32.5 km for HSU and 40.3 km for HMU).

To enhance customer service 407 ETR is eliminating heavy vehicle video minimum trips previously charged to heavy vehicle licence plates. Heavy vehicle video full trips remain billable.

Therefore, to reduce Heavy Vehicle Minimum Trips and to ensure compliance with the legislation and 407 ETR policies:

  • use a valid transponder;
  • keep the transponder properly mounted;
  • keep a clean, unobstructed and visible licence plate;
  • do not remove the transponder from its mounted position on the windshield;
  • do not share the transponder between vehicles; and
  • keep all of your vehicles and licence plates up-to-date with 407 ETR.

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