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What is 407 ETR's commitment to improving the highway and customer service?

As Toronto's best highway, 407 ETR continues to experience growth in traffic volume and, as a result, increased demand for customer service. We are proud of the improvements we have made over the past several years, including:

  • In 2002 - we constructed 13,600 square feet of new call-centre space to accommodate 170 customer service representatives and hired 328 new employees. We have recruited a very talented training team who continuously enhances the skills of our agents in process knowledge and resolving customers' concerns. 407 ETR remains an industry leader in call responsiveness - our average answer time has been below 20 seconds since 2004.
  • In 2003 - $6 million was invested to add 7 km of new lanes through Pine Valley, east of Highway 27.
  • In 2004 - $30 million was invested to add 22 km of new lanes between Highway 401 and Hurontario St. Another $7.5 million was spent on constructing the Donald Cousens Parkway Interchange.
  • In 2006 - A $90 million project was completed to add 50 km of new lanes between Highways 427 and 404 and is scheduled to open near the end of 2006. Additionally, $30 million was invested to widen bridge structures between Highways 410 and 427 in preparation for future additional lanes.
  • More Self-Serve Options by Phone - In 2003, we enhanced the telephone system to help you get assistance faster. The phone system was upgraded again in 2005 so you can retrieve information 7 days/week, 24 hours/day and update your account whenever it is convenient for you.
  • More Self-Serve Options Online - We now have the following online services:

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