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I received a Notice of Failure to Pay, what are my options?

Upon receipt of a notice of failure to pay, a customer may pay their bill and/or send a notice of dispute within 30 days listing one or more of the permitted grounds for dispute set out in the Act. You can dispute the amount owing for reasons below:

  • You already paid these toll charges in full. Please attach your proof of payment.
  • You believe the toll charges are not correct. Please attach an explanation of the amount you believe you owe along with the relevant bills showing the charges you are disputing and any proof of payments you have made for them.
  • You are not responsible for the toll charges because the vehicle plate or transponder is not registered in your name. Please attach a copy of the plate portion of your vehicle permit.
  • You are not responsible for the toll charges because, at the time they were incurred, your vehicle, licence plate, or transponder was lost or stolen. Please attach documentation to verify the theft, such as a police report.

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