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I have a transponder - why did I get Camera Charges (CCs)?

In most cases, when a transponder holder gets a Camera Charges (CC) it is because the transponder was in a vehicle not registered to that transponder, or not present in the vehicle at all. This most frequently happens to customers who share their transponder between two or more cars. We encourage all customers to have one transponder per vehicle and properly mount their transponders to avoid CCs.

If you are not sharing your transponder and received a CC, please call 1-888-407-0407 and we can assist you to fix the problem. If you meet the pre-conditions below, you can also request charge adjustments online.

Charge Adjustment Pre- Conditions:

  • Only the Camera Charge portion of a trip may be adjusted
  • Only the Camera Charges on your most recent statement may be adjusted
  • Your 407 ETR account must have an equal number of registered transponders to licence plates

To request Camera Charge adjustments, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your 407 ETR account. If you do not have a web account, create a web account now.
  2. Click on your most recent statement under "Recent Activities".
  3. Click on "Request Charge Adjustment".
  4. Select your account number and click "Go".

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