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Extension & Expansion

Over $1.2 Billion Invested

Construction crew working on highway expansion

407 ETR was the first-ever all-electronic toll highway of its kind. The technology used by 407 ETR eliminates the need for toll booths, which means vehicles enter and exit the highway without delays.

Since 1999, 407 ETR has invested over $1.2 billion to construct and maintain the highway to provide motorists with a fast, safe and reliable choice.

407 ETR constructed both the east and west extensions of the highway – more than 39 kilometres of new road. The extensions were opened ahead of schedule and provided motorists a connection to the QEW at Burlington in the west and to Highway 7 at Pickering in the east.

The investments made by 407 ETR have delivered significant benefits to commuters, employers and regional economic development. The movement of goods and people across the GTA has been achieved through a fast, safe and reliable roadway that saves everyone time and money on fuel.

Expansion of the highway through the addition of new lanes means drivers save time while enjoying a congestion-free trip. 407 ETR has expanded the highway from three to five lanes in each direction in the most travelled sections of the highway.

The extensions and expansions of the highway have been completed at no cost to taxpayers.

In addition to keeping traffic moving, construction and other improvements provide surrounding communities and businesses additional capacity to support growth and development.

407 ETR construction projects also create thousands of local jobs, which has been especially important during the recent period of economic recession.

All construction completed by 407 ETR meets or exceeds provincial standards and is subject to inspection and formal approvals by Ontario Ministry of Transportation officials.

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