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Important News for 407 ETR Drivers: The New Toll Highways

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In June of 2016, Ontario announced the opening of two new provincial highways, Phase One of Highway 407 (which connects to Highway 407 ETR at Brock Road and extends east to Harmony Road in Oshawa) and Highway 412 (which runs north and south and connects Highway 407 to Highway 401).

Tolling on the Province of Ontario’s Highway 407 (east of Brock Road) and Highway 412 began on February 1, 2017. The tolls have been posted on the Ministry of Transportation website. Click here to view the toll rates for Highway 407 (east of Brock Rd) and Highway 412.

The new highways extend the route across the GTA now provided by Highway 407 ETR, give drivers greater choice and create new transportation linkages for commuters in the region. The new highways will be a magnet for growth and opportunity and are a welcome addition to Ontario’s transportation infrastructure. The Government of Ontario will set and regulate tolls on the new highways and retain the revenues.

Customers can expect no significant changes to their everyday drive or billing. You will get only one bill, regardless of the highway(s) you drive on.

The new Highway 407 (east of Brock Road) and Highway 412 are separate from the existing Highway 407 ETR (from Pickering to Burlington), but using all three toll roads will be seamless:

  • You will use the same 407 ETR transponder on all toll roads
  • Your account will remain the same, you will get one bill and you will make only one payment
  • Your full account and trips on all three highways can be accessed online at

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