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Take caution while driving this winter.

The O.P.P. and 407 ETR would like to remind motorists to always drive according to weather and road conditions and keep these important safety tips in mind:

Leave enough space between you and other vehicles. Whenever you’re behind another vehicle, it’s important to keep enough space to stop safely. A two-second (or more in bad weather) following distance is appropriate. Leave even more space for emergency vehicles.

Carry an emergency kit in your vehicle. Include blankets, extra gloves, water, a flashlight, a snow brush and a first aid kit.

Top up your fluids. You can never be sure when bad weather is going to hit, so make sure you have a full tank of gas and your windshield wiper reservoir is topped up − carry a spare bottle of fluid in the trunk.

Slow down and only travel when necessary. Don’t travel in bad weather unless absolutely necessary. Leave early, giving yourself enough time to reach your destination at a safe speed.

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