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O.P.P. Corner

Stay alert, slow down and stay in control this winter.

By: Staff Sergeant Chuck Kaizer, 407 Detachment Commander, Ontario Provincial Police.

Photo of person removing ice from windshieldApproximately 70,000 collisions occur during the winter months in Ontario each year – that’s about 30 per cent more than in the summer. Follow these important tips to help keep everyone on our roads safe this season.

Stay a safe distance behind other vehicles. A two-second following distance behind the vehicle ahead of you is appropriate, but in poor weather conditions, consider doubling that time. Leave even more space for snow plows and emergency vehicles.

Keep your car winter-ready. Clear all ice and snow from your vehicle before each trip. Carry a winter survival kit in your car that includes blankets, a flashlight, a shovel, a snow brush and a first aid kit. Make sure your gas tank and windshield wiper reservoir are full at all times.

Check weather and road conditions before you head out on the road. Plan your route ahead of time and check local weather forecasts and road conditions. Consider postponing or cancelling your trip if conditions are not desirable.

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