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How to handle a highway breakdown or collision

It's important to know what to do and how to stay safe in an emergency situation, especially when driving on a busy highway. To educate motorists on how to handle a breakdown or collision, the OPP, CAA and MTO have launched a "Stranded Driver" Campaign and would like to encourage motorists to follow these helpful tips:

  • Stay calm and pull off the road quickly and safely if possible.
  • Note your vehicle's location so you can properly inform emergency responders or tow trucks.
  • If you must get out of your vehicle, watch carefully for oncoming traffic.
  • Never stand behind or directly in front of your vehicle, as you are at risk of being struck by other drivers.
  • If you cannot pull off the road, turn on your emergency flashers and call 911.

The OPP and 407 ETR's Highway Safety Patrol monitors 407 ETR 24/7. However, always be prepared, cautious and safe.

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