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Drive sober. Get home safe.

407 ETR is a proud supporter of the arrive alive DRIVER SOBER® program as well as the summer and winter R.I.D.E. Checks campaigns. In 2018, Ontario laws changed with the legalization of cannabis.

We would like remind all drivers to do your part and always drive sober. Driving impaired by alcohol or drugs is illegal and dangerous. Let’s keep our fellow drivers, passengers and pedestrians in the Greater Toronto Area safe and always drive sober.


Safety First

407 ETR is committed to safety, both on and off the road. Through our partnerships, initiatives and efforts, we are able to help drivers feel good about their choice to drive on 407 ETR. Check out a few of our summer safety tips:

Move over: it’s the law!

Police Car

The move over law was enacted in Ontario in 2003 to ensure safety for all emergency vehicle operators and updated in 2015 to include tow trucks. The law requires that motorists driving in the same direction as the stopped emergency vehicle must move over to clear the lane adjacent to the stopped vehicle. If you are unable to move over, you must slow down and pass with caution.

Failing to move over or slow down can cost you money and three demerit points. However, the true cost comes for emergency workers if they are struck by illegally passing vehicles. To ensure the safety of emergency responders, tow truck operators, your fellow drivers and yourself, change lanes as soon as it is safe to do so.

Move over!

Move Over Vehicle Graphic
  1. Stay alert to emergency vehicles that may be on the side of the road.
  2. Spot a vehicle? Begin the process of moving over!
  3. Check your blindspot.
  4. Safely move over, paying attention to cars around you and the stopped vehicles.

Secure your load!

Debris on the highway poses a serious safety risk to motorists, passengers and working who must clear the road. Please take the extra time to properly secure your loads to avoid having other motorists serve and potentially cause a collision or accident.

Secure your load!

Truck loaded with hay
  • Tie down any load you are carrying.
  • Attach large items to your vehicle and keep small items at the bottom.
  • Cover your load with a secured tarp or net.
  • Do not overload your vehicle.
  • Always use proper tie-downs with ratchet straps.

Ask yourself…

  1. Would I feel safe driving behind my vehicle?
  2. What could happen if I brake suddenly?
  3. Is the load secured on all sides?

407 ETR Partners in Safety

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  • Child Seat Safety Clinic Logo
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