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Our Payment Terms

Anyone that travels on Highway 407 ETR is subject to tolls and fees. The person responsible for the bill can be either be the person who has leased a transponder from 407 ETR or, the person that owns the licence plate that was identified by our video recognition system. By law, the registered owner of the licence plate travelling on the highway is responsible for bill payment to 407 ETR, even if the owner was not the driver of the vehicle at the time of the recorded trip.

Bills are issued to users monthly and are due upon mailing. If payment is not received within 37 days of the Bill Date indicated on the bill, interest charges will be applied to the following months‘ bill. If that bill remains unpaid, collection activity may be initiated and a collection charge will also be added to your account. Failure to pay while in collection may result in an inability to renew or validate vehicle licence and permits.

View our tolls and fees schedule.

Download PDF version of Notice to Dispute

Download PDF version of Notice of Appeal