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Fleet Management

Managing a fleet of vehicles and/or trailers is a daunting task due to the vast amount of information that needs to be tracked and monitored for each vehicle. We understand that such information also includes your fleet's usage of Highway 407.

And, since every business is different, has different needs and manages their fleets in different ways, we want to help you administer usage of Highway 407.

Account Setup

One Main Account Number with complete listing of all plates

All transponders and/or plates will be listed under one main account number. You may be required to submit a Security Deposit.


  • Fleet Administrator has full access to account.
  • Monthly invoice is sent to Fleet Administrator with details of activity for each transponder and/or plate.
  • Easy plate maintenance - view and update your plates via this website.

What you need

Security Deposit

Business accounts that lease transponders may be subject to a Security Deposit.

The Security Deposit is $50.00 per transponder for the first 20 transponders (up to a maximum of $1,000.00) and is payable upon registration.