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ETR Rewards Program

ETR Rewards is our way of thanking you for choosing to use Highway 407 ETR

ETR Rewards Logo

Using 407 ETR is a great way to avoid congestion and get to your destination. Now, it can also earn you great rewards!

And, unlike other rewards programs, there is no membership fee or sign-up process.

Tier Levels and Rewards

Tier Level Free Monthly kilometres Gas Card Savings
Tier One
(Avg. of 1,500 km + per mth during qualifying period)
140 FREE kilometres on Saturdays and Sundays. 10¢ off per litre. 150 litres per month.
Tier Two
(Avg. of 900-1,499 per mth during qualifying period)
85 FREE kilometres on Saturdays and Sundays. 6¢ off per litre. 130 litres per month.
Tier Three
(Avg. of 400-899 km per mth during qualifying period)
60 FREE kilometres on Sunday Travel. 3¢ off per litre. 120 litres per month.

When You Qualify:

We will contact you by mail when eligible for ETR Rewards. The letter will outline:

  • what tier you are in;
  • your free monthly kilometres; and
  • monthly gas savings using your ETR Rewards Gas Savings Card.

In addition, your monthly 407 ETR bill will highlight your total savings on tolls and eligible free kilometres.


To be eligible for ETR Rewards, you must:

  • have a personal account;
  • use a light vehicle transponder;
  • have no outstanding balance greater than 30 days in the past six-month period; and
  • travel an average of at least 400 kilometres per month on 407 ETR during six-month qualifying period

The qualifying periods are from December 1st – May 31st and June 1st – November 30th. For example, let’s say you drive exactly 500 kilometres on 407 ETR during the first four months of the qualifying period and you drive 300 kilometres during the last two months of the qualifying period. Provided that you satisfy the other eligibility requirements, you would still qualify for ETR Rewards because you averaged 433 kilometres per month even though you did not drive 400 kilometres in every month.

Note that ETR Rewards applies to 407 ETR only. 407 ETR stretches east to west, approximately 108 kilometres from the junction of the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) and Highway 403 in Burlington to Highway 7 and Brock Road (Durham Regional Road 1) in Pickering. Kilometres driven on Highway 407 (including Highway 412 and Highway 418), will not apply to ETR Rewards and any free kilometres earned in ETR Rewards cannot be used on Highway 407 (including Highway 412 and Highway 418).