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Out-of-Province Drivers


Welcome to Ontario!
Make the most of your visit and get to your destination faster by taking Highway 407 ETR. You’ll soon discover why we’re the preferred choice for almost 500,000 drivers and passengers who use our roadway every day.

Transponder Requirements
The vast majority of vehicles driven for personal use – cars, vans, SUVs, small trucks and limos – are under 5,000 kg. These are classified as light vehicles which do not require a transponder or the setup of an account in advance.

By law, transponders are required for heavy vehicles over 5,000 kg. This applies to buses, trucks, and tractors. If you choose to use Highway 407 without a transponder, you’ll be subject to a Camera Charge plus tolls per trip. You may also be fined by the Ontario Provincial Police or Ministry of Transportation Enforcement Officers. Learn more about leasing a transponder.

Rental cars
If you’re renting a vehicle and take Highway 407 ETR, the associated billing statement will be sent to the rental car company. It’s at the sole discretion of the company to decide how to bill the toll charges and any other administrative fees back to you. Therefore, we advise you to ask your rental car company about its billing practices pertaining to Highway 407 ETR prior to using the road.

Paying your tolls
All out-of-town drivers – including those from the United States – are legally responsible for any tolls, fees and interest accrued by travelling on Highway 407 ETR and/or Highway 407, as stated under the Highway 407 Act and the Highway 407 East Act.

At the end of each monthly billing cycle, statements are issued in Canadian dollars and are due upon receipt.

Methods of payment
The most convenient way to pay your bill is here on our website. We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Visit Ontario Frequently?
If you take six or more trips on our highway in a year, we recommend that you lease a transponder to take advantage of the savings. Learn more about leasing a transponder and setting up an online account.