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Tolls Explained

407 ETR - The world's smartest highway

Drawing explaining how the 407 ETR cameras capture license plates

A toll is a pay-per-use fee, unlike taxes where everybody pays whether someone uses the service or not. Toll revenue is then used to add more lanes, maintain the highway, improve services and cover operational costs.

In our first seven years, we invested over $700 million in highway expansions, customer service enhancements and new interchanges. As a result, customers continue to rely on Highway 407 ETR for a fast safe and reliable trip.

When you enter and exit 407 ETR, you drive under an overhead gantry, equipment on the gantry automatically records the beginning and end of your trip.

This state-of-the-art system continues to attract worldwide attention as other toll road operators attempt to replicate its convenience and operation processes.

The cost of your trip depends on factors such as:

  • time of day you enter 407 ETR
  • vehicle class
  • distance and section(s) travelled
  • correct mounting and use of a valid transponder

To view current rates, see our Rate Chart or use our Toll Calculator to determine the cost of a trip.

Note: Tolls are tax exempt and subject to change.