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How to install your transponder

Follow these easy steps to ensure your transponder is installed correctly to avoid camera charges. Inside the vehicle, the transponder should be placed in the centre of the windshield behind the rear-view mirror.

  • Clean windshield

    1. Clean the inside of your front windshield and let dry.

  • Plan transponder location

    2. Plan to position your transponder behind the rear-view mirror, 5–10 cm from the top of your windshield.

  • Remove adhesive

    3. Remove the adhesive tape backing.

  • Firmly press transponder

    4. Firmly press the transponder against the windshield.

Tips for installing your transponder

  • The lights on the transponder should be visible to the driver when seated in a proper driving position.
  • If the front windshield is divided in the centre by a vertical metal strip, the transponder is to be mounted at least 5 centimetres to the right of the vertical metal strip.
  • You're responsible for camera charges from transponders that are unmounted or incorrectly placed.
  • Incorrect placement of the heavy vehicle transponder may result in a fine under the Highway Traffic Act. All heavy vehicles require a valid working transponder by law. Without one, you can be charged under the Highway Traffic Act and invoiced a $50 camera charge per trip.
  • By law, the licence plate must not be obstructed by any device or material that prevents the entire licence plate including the numbers from being identified by an electronic toll system.