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What is a Transponder

Photo containing one yellow and one black transponder side by side

Save money on every trip by using a transponder!

A transponder is a small electronic device that you attach to the interior of the windshield behind the rear-view mirror. Installation is easy, requires no tools and can be done in less than two minutes.

Each transponder has an individual, proprietary encrypted identification that is picked up by entry and exit sensors. Tolls are calculated electronically and are applied to your account.

If you travel Highway 407 more than six times a year, a transponder will save you money by avoiding Camera Charges. A Camera Charge is added to every trip that is processed by our licence plate recognition system.

Why waste time crawling through traffic when you can save time and money instead? Say goodbye to congestion, and get a transponder for all of your vehicles today.

Order your transponder today.

Transponder types

Not all transponders look alike but they all operate the same.

Light vehicles

A light vehicle transponder may be used only in light vehicles (cars, vans, limousines, pick-ups and sport utility vehicles) with a gross weight or registered gross weight of 5,000 kilograms (five tonnes) and under. We strongly recommend that you lease a separate transponder for each vehicle that you plan to use on Highway 407. You may not use a transponder in vehicles (including rental vehicles) other than the vehicle that is listed for the transponder in the lease. However, if you do so, you will be responsible for all charges, including Camera Charges, that may result from such use.

Important note: If you use your transponder in a rented vehicle, you are responsible for the charges that appear on your 407 ETR bill. We are not responsible for any amounts the rental company bills you relating to trips on Highway 407 or any other administration fees.

A light vehicle transponder cannot be used in a Heavy Vehicle. Use of the transponder in a heavy vehicle will result in the levy of a higher toll charge plus a Camera Charge per trip.

Heavy vehicles

If you have a vehicle with a gross weight or registered gross weight of over 5,000 kilograms (five tonnes) you are required by law to have a valid heavy vehicle transponder. Examples of vehicles needing a heavy vehicle transponder are single unit trucks, tractors, buses and trucks or tractors with one or more trailers. If you choose to use Highway 407 without a transponder, you will be subject to a Camera Charge plus tolls per trip. You may also be stopped by the Ontario Provincial Police and/or Ministry of Transportation Enforcement Officers and be fined.

Cost of a transponder

A transponder can be leased monthly or annually. View our rate chart to see the cost of monthly and annual lease options.

Transponder maintenance

When you exit the highway you will hear four beeps to indicate a successful recording of your trip. If your transponder does not beep, that is okay. As long as your plate and transponder belong to the same account and you mount your transponder 5 to 10 cm from the top of your windshield, no action is required.

Moving your transponder

Customers must not share a transponder between vehicles. This violates 407 ETR’s transponder lease terms and may result in additional fees being charged to you, including Camera Charges. Instead, please lease a separate transponder for each vehicle that you plan to use on the toll highway. Click here to lease an additional transponder online.

If you get a new car or licence plate, please update your 407 ETR account details and ensure that your transponder is mounted correctly.

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