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Committed to improvement

407 ETR is the fast, safe and reliable choice for hundreds-of-thousands of drivers every day. Over 380,000 drivers make the choice to travel 407 ETR each workday, which significantly relieves congestion on other GTA highways and roads. We will continue to use revenue to help pay for additional lanes and other enhancements to ensure that you have an enjoyable driving experience.

Since 1999, 407 ETR has invested over $1.2 billion to construct and maintain the highway. Construction crews are currently busy at work on 407 ETR, adding additional lanes and making other enhancements to ensure that our customers have an enjoyable driving experience.

2012 highway improvement projects include:

  • Median work completion between Highway 400 and Highway 404.

This work is being done so that traffic can continue to flow smoothly and quickly as possible. We're planning ahead so you can continue to enjoy a fast, safe and reliable trip.

Improving the highway demonstrates our total commitment to enhancing customer service and your daily commute.

View our past construction projects that kept our customers moving.