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Bending the Curve on Biodiversity Loss

Aerial view of a forest on a sunny day.

A key part of our sustainability strategy is protecting the natural beauty and healthy ecosystems that surround Highway 407 ETR.

We integrate best environmental practices into our operations and support incredible environmental organizations so they can continue to help communities across the GTA flourish.



For environmental initiatives since 2014

12 Hectares

of roadside pollinator habitat being restored through our sponsorship of Canadian Wildlife Federation

25% by 2030

Target to reduce Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions

Portrait of Javier Tamargo, President and CEO of 407 ETR, dressed in business attire, smiling.

“Biodiversity is critical for healthy ecosystems and we want to be part of the solution. We’re investing more than $500,000 in 2023 with organizations truly making an impact to protect and improve Ontario’s natural spaces.”

Javier Tamargo, President and CEO at 407 ETR

Organizations we Support

A monarch butterfly pollinates marigold flowers on a sunny day.

Canadian Wildlife Federation

407 ETR and the Canadian Wildlife Federation are teaming up to restore the feeding and breeding habitats of monarch butterflies and other pollinator species along the 407 ETR corridor.

“Human interventions have caused significant declines in pollinator populations across North America, and these species are critical for our ecosystems. We’re excited to see organizations like 407 ETR partner with us to help halt and reverse the decline in biodiversity.”
Carolyn Callaghan, Senior Conservation Biologist for Terrestrial Ecosystems
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Nature Conservancy of Canada logo

Nature Conservancy of Canada

In June 2023, we announced our largest environmental donation to date with a three-year, $800,000 sponsorship of NCC’s Conservation Intern program. The program helps prepare the next generation of environmental leaders with real-world, skills-building opportunities to care for natural areas in Ontario.

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Toronto and Region Conservation Authority logo

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

407 ETR is working with Toronto and Region Conservation Authority in collaboration with Queen’s University and Royal Military College to experimentally test the ability of several native grass species to remove road salt from soils.

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Credit Valley Conservation logo

Credit Valley Conservation

With a $150,000 commitment, we support the construction of Credit Valley Conservation’s Credit Valley Trail, which will be a continuous 100-kilometre pathway through the Credit River Valley.

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What We’re Doing Along the Highway

Elevated view of newly planted trees along the 407 ETR corridor.

In 2022, we launched a biodiversity pilot project along the Highway 407 ETR corridor. The project aims to study existing species and biodiversity along the highway to identify risks, such as the invasive species phragmites, and uncover opportunities for improvement.

With support from St. Williams Nursery & Ecology Centre, we planted 10,000 trees native to southern Ontario along the highway. This project is part of a larger, long-term initiative to enhance Highway 407 ETR’s corridor and develop a healthy, ecologically sustainable and biodiverse landscape and control invasive species along the highway.

With 108-kilometres of land from Burlington to Markham, we aim to act with care and stewardship to see that our roadside contributes to building a healthier environment.

A woman looks out across a green landscape at sunset. A black car is parked in the foreground.

Our Environmental Practices

See how we do our part to maintain and operate the roadway with as minimal disruption to the environment as possible.

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