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407 ETR drives green city innovation with Evergreen

407 ETR and Evergreen continue their strong multi-year relationship with projects that support innovative programs across the 407 ETR corridor.

TORONTO, December 03, 2015

407 ETR and Evergreen today confirmed their continuing multi-year relationship focussed on environmental stewardship and supporting green spaces.

The support includes community tree planting and restoration events in local parks near 407 ETR since 2013 and sponsoring Toronto’s first city-wide TrafficJam Hackathon which took place this in October. Together 407 ETR and Evergreen have started a process to transform the outdoor space around the 407 ETR offices to make it more usable for staff and visitors to enjoy. 407 ETR has participated in community tree planting and ecology programs that have made a real difference to sensitive areas around parks and watersheds. In addition, support of the first ever TrafficJam Hackathon helped provide some of Toronto’s most innovative thinkers an excellent forum for working on transit and transportation solutions.

"Over the past three years, 407 ETR has shown time and again their commitment to making Toronto a greener, more resilient city by supporting different programs with Evergreen that have delivered real change in the community," says Geoff Cape, Evergreen’s founder and CEO.

407 ETR has taken that commitment one step further by kicking off a new project, in collaboration with Evergreen, to revitalize the land around its headquarters with a native plant garden and walking path.

“407 ETR is already known for being an environmentally friendly choice, as traffic is managed so that drivers move at a consistent and safe speed, - and that reduces CO2 emissions and the environmental impact of driving” said 407 ETR President and Chief Executive Officer, Jose Tamariz. “407 ETR recognizes the value of partnering with an outstanding environmental steward like Evergreen, and thanks the organization for showing us how best to support greening initiatives along 407 ETR and the communities we serve."

Read more about the community impact of 407 ETR work along the 407 ETR highway corridor in this article Four Families Strengthen Their Roots by Tree Planting; or see the top three ideas from the recent TrafficJam Hackathon.

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About Evergreen:
Evergreen is a national not-for-profit urban sustainability organization that has been making cities more livable since 1991. We work with diverse partners across different sectors to build, support, test and scale bold new ideas to solve pressing urban issues that bridge the natural and built environments. Evergreen operates from its home base at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto—an internationally recognized, award-winning adaptive reuse facility and social enterprise that features examples of green city innovation and has a LEED platinum office building. For more information visit

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