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Highway Safety Patrol

Highway Safety Patrol is one of the duties of our Highway Patrollers

407 ETR Highway Patrollers are on the road 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. While their primary duties involve control of highway operations, dealing with hazards in lanes and emergency response, whenever possible they will provide assistance to motorists. This may include: assistance with a tire change, up to 5 litres of free gas, calling a tow truck to get you on your way and/or parking behind a disabled vehicle to enhance safety.

We provide roadside assistance to thousands of customers annually.

Here are some other ways our patrol makes safety the top priority:

  • Protection by parking behind a vehicle with flashing amber caution lights and or directional arrow board.
  • Assistance changing a flat tire or providing free gas, windshield washer fluid, etc.
  • Quick removal of the vehicle to reduce “rubber-necking", resulting in less traffic congestion.

Please Note: Customers cannot directly request or dispatch a 407 ETR Highway Patroller. We recommend to customers that in case of an emergency on 407 ETR, you are to contact emergency services by dialing 911. In addition, while travelling the highway if you notice any hazardous road conditions such as debris on the highway, please contact the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) 24 hour toll free line by dialing 1-888-310-1122.

Roadside Maintenance

We know how much you value a safe highway. So our crews work 24-hours a day to ensure 407 ETR is one of the cleanest, safest highways in the world.

In fact, we take safety so seriously we exceed provincial standards regarding safe highway operations.

As for maintenance, we sweep, repaint and inspect all 1100 lane kilometers of the highway across the entire 108 kilometer stretch of 407 ETR. Our snow plows also do an excellent job in keeping the lanes clean. In addition, our crews:

  • Direct, control and assist in the performance of winter operations.
  • Replace damaged signage.
  • Replace and repair safety assets such as guide rail and crash attenuating systems.
  • Remove road debris and hazards from lanes and shoulders.
  • Respond to emergencies and assist emergency services.
  • Provide traffic control at incident scenes.
  • Control vegetation.
  • Remove debris and litter.
  • Sweep the shoulders.
  • Inspect pavement, structures, signs, fences, electrical and drainage.

Our ongoing roadside maintenance makes 407 ETR an attractive and safe highway for hundreds-of-thousands of motorists for 380,000 trips each work day.