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IMPORTANT: Heavy vehicles (over 5,000 kg) must be equipped with a valid transponder.
If you choose to use 407 ETR without a valid transponder, you will be subject to video toll charge plus tolls per trip and you may be stopped by the Ontario Provincial Police and/or Ministry of Transportation Enforcement Officers, and fined.

  • The online Toll Calculator is for estimating the cost of a trip. In the event of a difference between the Toll Calculator and a customer’s bill, the bill shall be deemed to be correct.
  • Please add transponder lease fee(s) ( monthly lease or annual lease)
  • Non-transponder accounts are charged a Account Fee on bills in which at least one trip was made during the billing period.
  • The Heavy Vehicle Video Toll Charge is and is subject to change.
  • Heavy vehicles over 5,000 kilograms (five tonnes) must be equipped with a valid transponder.
  • Where a light vehicle with a transponder does not have the entry or exit of the trip recorded, a calculated trip will be applied. Where the entry or exit of a light vehicle without a transponder is not recorded the vehicle will be charged a Light Video Flat Toll. Details on calculated trips and Flat Tolls can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website.

Printable Map

Click here for a print-friendly map of the entire 407 ETR system.
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407 ETR Printable Map