Welcome to Ontario and 407 ETR

407 ETR is the world's first all-electronic open access toll highway which extends 108 kilometres east-west, just north of Toronto.

407 ETR benefits all users with a barrier-free system so anyone visiting Ontario may also use the toll-road, which is an alternative to other Ontario roads. There are no toll booths and no toll plazas to slow you down. Transponders are not required for light vehicles (see FAQ) and accounts do not have to be set-up prior to use.

Out-of-Province users, including those from the U.S.A., who choose to use 407 ETR are responsible for all tolls, fees and interest under the Highway 407 Act. At the end of each monthly billing cycle, the all-electronic system calculates all tolls, fees and interest and a bill is sent in Canadian dollars, due upon mailing. (see Tolls Explained)

The most convenient method of payment is by Visa, MasterCard or American Express. To pay online, please click here. To pay by telephone, call our automated attendant at 1-888-407-0407. If you frequently visit Ontario, you may wish to pre-authorize your account and get a transponder.